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bucket truck - trimming trees
bucket truck - trimming trees

With 18 years experience in vegetation control and removal, it only seemed natural for Vegetation Tech, LLC to offer Tree Trimming Services.  In October of 2014, Vegetation Tech, LLC acquired tree trimming equipment that includes a bucket truck, chip truck and chipper.  


No one likes to remove trees, but trees should be examined periodically for health and potential hazards. You can preserve the trees you love with proper pruning, while protecting yourself and home against a dangerous tree.  If you need help pruning a tree, or a tree becomes dangerously sick, damaged or dies, call Vegetation Tech, LLC at 937-570-9691.


Serving residential homeowners and commercial businesses in the Miami Valley, in Montgomery, Miami, Clark, and surrounding counties in Ohio, Vegetation Tech, LLC is insured and experienced to provide the following services:


  • Proper Tree Pruning

  • Tree Trimming

  • Tree Removal

  • 24-Hour Emergency Storm Services

  • Lot Clearing

  • Brush Cutting and Clearing

  • Stump Grinding

  • Fecon Mowing (mechanical brush cutting)

  • All Services Provided to you FULLY INSURED

  • Insurance/Agent Certificate and References Available for your review


Ash trees make up about 72 percent of the trees in the state of Ohio.  Homeowners love Ash trees and wish to protect these valuable trees.  Unfortunately, there are native borers and diseases that attack Ohio's Ash trees, causing serious damage and preventing the tree's ability to receive water and nutrients. Once these trees become sick, many experts say the tree needs to come down within one year.  Dave Fisher of Vegetation Tech, LLC differs slightly in this theory.  "If an Ash tree becomes sick, homeowners or businesses should call for removal of the tree within nine months, otherwise it poses a danger to both the tree owner and the tree removal company personnel. Ash trees infested with Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), and years of EAB larval feeding, will start to show dead branches throughout the canopy, the top of the tree.  These branches will begin to break and fall to the ground."  

Other Ash tree symptoms from insects or disease may include vertical bark splits, D-shaped exit holes in the bark of the tree, increased activity by woodpeckers, or new sprout growth at the base of the tree.  

For more information about Ohio agriculture, visit Ohio Department of Agriculture

For more information on the Emerald Ash Borer, visit Emerald Ash Borer




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