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Mechanical Brush Cutting




New York - mechanical brush cutting | Vegetation Tech, LLC

New York - mechanical brush cutting | Vegetation Tech, LLC

In 2004, after three weeks after spraying a utility site, Dave Fisher was approached by a local homeowner who commented that 20 foot + dead vegetation on the site looked terrible. During this conversation, Dave Fisher recognized a need for an effective brush cutting tool to knock down tall and thick brush prior to applying herbicides. At that point, different methods of vegetation management were researched to compliment VegTech’s herbicide program. After researching several brushing machines and consulting with several different utility line managers, VegTech purchased its first Fecon mowing head to compliment its herbicide program.


The goal of VegTech’s mechanical brush cutting program is to reduce vegetation to a height and size that is easily manageable by our herbicide program. If the mow sites are properly maintained with herbicide applications, these sites should not have to be mowed again.

We typically try to apply herbicides within a year after brush cutting in order to prevent the new regrowth from ever gaining a strong presence on the site. This makes our mechanical brush cutting program ideal for lot clearing/development, forest clearing/thinning, and utility right-of-way management.

Mechanical brush cutting is typically 50-75% cheaper than hand-cutting and trimming, making it a very costeffective and efficient alternative to hand clearing. Many people such as local homeowners and the general public have commented that they appreciate us knocking the tall brush down prior to applying herbicides because it results in a more attractive vegetation management sight, as it all but eliminates visible brownout when it comes time to apply herbicides.


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